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Weigh-in Update

Previous weight: 189.9

Current weight: 189.4

I was actually pretty worried that I would see a 190 on the scale this morning. I haven’t been to the gym in days and all this Valentine’s candy has been putting me over in the calorie counts. Good to know that my running around chasing preschoolers and tracking my food regardless is keeping me maintaining, even losing half a pound.

I really need to figure out a routine and stick with it. I’m finally settled into my schedule with my jobs, internship, and school, so now I just need to fit consistent exercise into there (and sleep!). I think if I keep up with the Color Run training and try out zumba every monday, I’ll see even more progress on the scale. 

If I lose 7 pounds I’ll see 182 on the scale, which will be a first for me! Let’s see how long it can take me to get there.

Post-Thanksgiving Weigh-In

Starting weight: 235.4
Lowest weight: 183.5
Previous weight (11/19): 185.0
Current weight (11/28): 186.7

So I’m going to be honest, I was really nervous about stepping on the scale this morning. I did not track every day I was home (there goes goal number 1). I did not exercise every day when I was home (I ran a couple miles on day with my mom, and was on my feet all day working with my sister another day. But there goes goal number 2). And I don’t think I’m going to reach my goal of getting below 183.5 before November ends. HOWEVER, a less than 2 pound weight gain after being home for a full week, eating out almost every day because we had minimal food at my house, and surviving Thanksgiving without gaining 5 pounds in that day alone is a pretty big feat, so I’m not totally discouraged.

These next two weeks are going to be really hard to get a) enough exercise, b) adequate amounts of sleep, and c) track all my food because I’m going into finals. And this semester I have a paper and a test for basically every class, and they’re all due as of yesterday. So I’m going to try my best! If I can lose weight, or even just maintain my weight during finals, I’ll be in a better position than any of my other past 6 semesters of college finals. 

It’s still my goal to ring in 2013 in the 170s. That’s at least a 6.8 pound weight loss in the next month. I’ve got one full month (and a couple days) to do it. I also have to survive Christmas, and going back home again. I think I can do it. So December goals are being set. 170’s, here I come!

Pre-Thanksgiving Break Weigh-In

Starting weight: 235.4
Lowest weight: 183.5
Previous weight (11/13): 186.6
Current weight (11/19): 185.0

Yay! Good news on the scale all around :) Not only have I gone down, but I’m back at the official 50 pounds down mark, and I’m only 1.6 pounds away from my November goal! I’m going to try my hardest to get there this week, even with Thanksgiving. I’m also thinking my December goal will be to see the 170s before the new year. I don’t know how weight loss is going to go with finals (and two of my best friend’s 21st birthdays), so I’m thinking just a 4-5 pound loss for the month of December would be the most realistic and keep me from getting discouraged. I really want to see the 170s though! I’m so close, so I know I’ll get there before the year is out.


Staring weight: 235.4
Lowest weight: 183.5
Previous weight (11/2): 188.0
Current weight (11/13): 186.6

Yeahhh buddy. Things are finally getting back on track and the scale is continuing to go down. I was fluctuating a lot last week, so I didn’t want to post an update, but I was very happy to see that number on the scale this morning. That means 3.2 more pounds to go til I hit my November goal of seeing a weight I’ve never seen before on the scale! I’m hoping it happens prior to Thanksgiving, because even though I plan to exercise every day while I’m home, I know I’m probably not going to be sticking to clean eating as well as I should.

Hope you all are seeing progress on your November goals as well!

Start of November weigh-in

Starting weight: 235.4

Lowest weight: 183. 5

Previous weight: 191.2

Current weight: 188.0

FINALLY BACK INTO THE 180S! I legit did a little dance in the bathroom this morning when I saw the scale. It’s nice to know my calorie-counting and continuous gym-going is paying off again. You just gotta stick with it guys! I’ve been at a plateau for a year. One entire year. And the scale is finally going down again. I’ll post a list of goals in a bit, but I just got so excited that I needed to share with you guys ASAP.


Today’s weight :)

The scale is going back down finally! Really excited about this.

I think the goal for October is going to be to reach a weight I haven’t been yet. So that means 182 or lower. I think that should be pretty attainable in the weeks left of September and all of October.

I also realized today that November was when I hit my 50 pounds down. I’ve been plateaued for almost a year now. It’s okay though, because I’m going to bust into the 170s before the holidays. I’m thinking that will be goal number two: get into the 170s before Thanksgiving?


Starting weight: 235.4

Previous weight (according to summer scale): 193.5

Current weight: 192.7

Alright, I’ll take it. Not bad considering this weekend was a disaster eating and exercise-wise. I may just weigh myself again on Friday to see if my hard work this week is paying off. I have to remember that I’m no longer going to be losing 5-6 (or even 2-3) pounds a week. The scale is going down! That’s the good thing.

Weigh-In Update

So I’m a little mad at the scale right now. It’s getting extremely frustrating that I’m working out every day and keeping within my calorie intake and I’m still not seeing results. I’m just going to continue doing what I’m doing for another week or two and see if the scale goes down. If not, then I’ll try lowering my caloric intake or upping my workouts or something and see if that works. 

So consider this weight a new starting off point. Now, it’s a different scale than the scale I was weighing myself on in SF, so I think it’s off by a couple pounds, but it’s the scale I will be using over summer.

Weight as of 6/20: 193.5

I really hate that I’m back in the 190s, but I think it’s because of this scale being different. I think I may have lost a couple pounds this week, because it did say 195 or 196 at one point last week, but it also said 193 and 194. I have no idea what the heck is going on because it seems like my body is losing 5 pounds then gaining 5 pounds every day. It’s really aggravating.

Goal: Be in the 180s again (according to this summer scale) by July.