This 30 day health challenge I’m challenging myself to is going strong so far. Today was all around good as well.

I went for a short 2-mile run today because I wanted to focus on my time. I got both of my miles just under 11 minutes, which is usually hard for me when doing multiple mile runs. 


And food was on point today too. I like working these 7-hour shifts because I’m basically forced to meal plan something healthy and take it to work. It’s also saving me money. 


I also had a victory I was patting myself on the back for when leaving work. My coworkers had ordered pizza, which was sitting on the table in the break room with everyone surrounding it nomming their face off. IT SMELLED SO GOOD. But I had already had dinner, it was like 830 at night, and I declined to take a piece. And yes, despite working at a gym, people still bring junk to share into the break room. I’m usually able to avoid it all, but damn did that pizza smell bomb. Go me for declining it.

Day 2/30 done.

So whilst out on my run this morning (3.2 miles at an 11 min/mile pace, woo! still got it) I thought about ways I could keep myself motivated to really stick with my journey and to start seeing weight loss again. I used to do pretty well with those 30 day squat challenges and whatnot, however the squats would begin hurting my knees by like day 20, so I would have to cut it short.

So I’ve decided to create my own healthy 30 day challenge for myself. This first month is going to be simple: do at least one healthy thing for yourself every day for 30 days. It can be tracking all of my calories and hitting my goal, it can be being active for at least 20 minutes, it can even be mental health related and be something like being completely happy the entire day. For 30 days, I’m challenging myself to put my health first and really refocus my efforts without overwhelming myself. And it can be more than one thing a day obviously, I just want to have the goal of doing AT LEAST one thing that will better my health.

Today I ran before work for 40 minutes. I also had a really good mental health day and did some yoga poses and stretching post-workout while listening to the song that has been on repeat the last few days due to the breakup. For me, it’s like a cleanse. I accept my feelings and then I meditate to clear them out of my mind. I felt so amazingly refreshed after and today has been a pretty alright day because of it. I also tracked (and did a little meal prepping as well) everything in MFP and it was a good day:

Day 1 of the 30 day challenge complete.

I just wish I could stop crying long enough to go to the gym. But then I’m worried if I try to do zumba class or even just going on the stairmaster, I’ll start crying halfway through. Maybe I’ll go for a walk/run just to get out of the house and stop staring at his now-empty drawer.

I thought being broken up with by someone was hard, but despite this being a mutual decision, it’s not any easier. It’s honestly much harder, because I can’t be mad at him. I’ve lost the only person who understood me so completely and so effortlessly.

Post-breakup check list:

  • Workout
  • Get his stuff together to give back to him
  • Schedule girl time with wine included
  • Taylor Swift playlist

Check, check, check, and check.

If I’m a little less perky and positive the next week or so, you all will understand why. Thanks for being wonderful followers <3

I’ve gotten a huge surge of motivation suddenly, and I feel like I need to write all these goals and plans down to keep this motivation up. Maybe it’s the new planner I got or the quickly-approaching New Year. I’m thinking it’s probably today’s realization that I will have been graduated for a full year before I know it and haven’t made much progress in figuring out the “life plan.” Sure I’m employed and (very) slowly building up my savings, but I can’t waste my $200k degree on working at a gym childcare for the next 5 years. I really miss school because I was good at school. Figuring out what to do for the rest of my life? Not very good at that part. I have so many interests, but I also have to be realistic. There are a lot of things I could see myself being good at and doing, but I feel like I’m not where I need to be to make them careers. And even though it’s only been half a year, I feel the window of opportunity for grad school quickly closing - so I have to decide if pursuing a higher education in the next few years is worth it. Now I feel more stressed than motivated.

All I know is I want 2014 to be an amazing year full of accomplishment. And I think I have to start with finishing my journey to better myself first.

  • I had a fabulous time celebrating early with my extended family on Saturday. Lots of wine, lots of laughs, and lots of mexican food was had.
  • My boyfriend was able to spend Christmas Eve and morning with us and we had a really nice heart to heart last night where he thanked me for everything I’ve done to make the holidays a bit more enjoyable for him. He’s a pretty great guy, and I feel so blessed to have him in my life.
  • I got a pretty great mix of gifts, including money to fix my car (which is really all I wanted for Christmas so I would not have to resort to walking to work in a few weeks time - I guess this is called adulthood, right?), an adorable water bottle (which a picture of will be posted later), and some other trinkets, gift cards, yummy smelling things, and Despicable Me 2 from the boyfriend (which we saw on our first date, so I had been hoping he’d get all sentimental and get it for me).
  • The best part for me though was not only spending quality time with the people I love, but being able to give them such great gifts this year. Everyone really loved the gifts I gave them and I’m so glad I could finally show them all the appreciation I have. 
  • I’m also very excited for things the rest of 2013 and the upcoming 2014 (can you believe there’s only 6 more days of the year?!) have in store. My boyfriend and I are finally driving up to the mountains this weekend for a little bed & breakfast getaway, I bought him an archery lesson (well, technically us because it is for 2) that we plan to use next month, I’ve got a groupon for two different shows at a local comedy club that needs to be used, and we also got some gift cards to go out to eat and see movies, which we will definitely be taking full advantage of. Basically free date nights for the next month or so ;)
  • And while a lot of food was consumed basically since Saturday, and continues to be consumed until leftovers are gone, I’m not going to let it derail me. I hope to come up with some good resolutions for 2014, or perhaps I’ll just do monthly goals & make more hopes for the new year, instead of creating pressure on myself to complete these tasks. Getting back into consistent exercise needs to be my priority first, so that’s what I will be focusing on for right now.
  • I basically love my life. And all of you. Thank you.