For those who watch The Biggest Loser/anyone searching for a new workout move

How many of you watched last night’s episode of The Biggest Loser? 

Well if you did, did any of you try Bob’s special move, “the scorpion flip”? Let me just say, that move is crazy. I was out of breath after doing one. I seriously reccommend you all trying it. I know I’m gonna be adding it to my workout regimen til I can do them no problem.

I tried finding a video that shows you how to do it, but couldn’t find any. So if you’re interested, you can go on hulu and watch the latest biggest loser episode, and you’ll see it at about 13 minutes in, and Bob will explain it in more detail at the “commercial break” at the end.

So you start out in a push up position.

You then want to lift your leg up behind you

You then bring your leg that’s behind you, up and over to cross your body. So if your right leg is in the air, you move it behind you to the left, and vice versa. You bring your leg over to flip yourself so you’re in the “crab walking” position and looking up at the ceiling

From here you bring the leg opposite of the one you previously kicked in the air and lift it in front of you. So if you originally started with your right leg in the air, crossed it behind you to the left, and got into the crab walking position, then you will lift your left leg into the air in front of you

You then want to flip around, back to your push up starting position, and do one push up. Got it? Now do the other side!

Happy scorpion flipping!