Weigh-In Monday (post-Spring break edition)

Current Weight: 189.5

Not good. But I wanted to post it on here to hold myself accountable. I weighed myself two Saturdays ago, right as my break started, and I was at like 186. Expected, considering I’ve basically just been teetering around 185 since November. I didn’t exercise every day over break because I was staying out late, trying to see as many people as I could while I was home. I went running once with my mom, but the rest of break was spent running around. It was a really quick and busy break, I really didn’t relax at all. The only time I got some downtime was nights, which I spent transferring all my files from my old macbook to my new macbook pro I got (and needed badly, considering the keyboard was broken on my old macbook and I was using a wireless keyboard and mouse and it would still overheat and turn off).

But that’s in the past. I can’t fix the lack of exercise or overeating over break, all I can do is move forward and kick my butt into gear. You know why? BECAUSE SUMMER IS ONLY 2 MONTHS AWAY. And so is the 12k I’m doing with my mom. Actually, it’s exactly 2 months and 1 day away. THAT’S JUST UNDER 7 AND A HALF MILES THAT I WILL BE RUNNING IN 2 MONTHS. And the most I’ve done is 5 miles, and I didn’t run the entire time. So I need to get back into training, especially since I want to do a half marathon in October. 

I went to the gym this morning before class! I’ve decided for the next few weeks to eat 1500 calories, track it on myfitnesspal, but don’t count the exercise I do and see how that goes for my weight loss. That’s pretty much what I was doing when I lost the first 50, but I was tracking weight watchers points. So I’m going to do 1500 calories every day and the gym M-F and a run Sat or Sun. If I go on a long run I may bump up to 1600 or 1700, just so I feel my net calories is closer to 1200. So we’ll see how that goes! Here’s to progress! I promise, even though it looks like I’m giving up and gaining back my weight, I’m not. It’s extremely hard to lose weight rapidly while in college and dealing with stress, lots of exams and papers, minimal sleep, and going out to bars. I definitely need to cut back my drinking, because that’s a lot of empty calories. But I know I’ll get back to losing again. I will see the 170s soon enough! And I WILL be 155 before my last year of undergrad starts. That’s 30 pounds in 5 months. Bring it on.