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Don’t get so caught up in trying to live the “healthiest” and longest life possible that you forget to LIVE.

Staying in good health isn’t an end in and of itself. The PURPOSE of living in a healthier body is the ability to DO more with it. Love more. Play more. Use it for good (or mischief, you little buggers). Getting a fitter body is about more than just HAVING one. You gotta put it to good use.

It’s super easy to fall in love with healthy living: it’s addictive, it’s fun and the benefits are wicked. But if you’re spending more time in the gym than with the people you love or have become so restrictive with your eating that there is no room for spontaneity or JOY, you may want to re-prioritize.

Healthy living = healthier bodies. Healthier bodies = the ability to DO more for longer. Doing more, for longer = the MAIN purpose of healthy living. Don’t forget it.

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Anonymous: Hello, i have seen your amazing weight loss , your pics, blogs . I think all of the people like you, you are the hardest and the strongest people in the world! I really want to lost some weight, because everytime when i see myself in the mirror i'm closer to cry. I have tried so many workouts but can't see any change. Haven't got time for everyday workout. Time is killing me. So please can you offer me a good diet egich was good to you? Or some workout? Please i would be grateful💚 

Clean eating and consistent exercise is what I follow. You said you don’t have time for working out every day, but what about every other day? When I lost the bulk of my weight, I was a college student working a part-time job, and so I often found I only had time to work out every other day. Yet I still lost weight! All you need is a minimum of 20 solid minutes devoted to getting your sweat on.

I have a lot of good resources over on my other blog, weightlossproblems, in the FAQ. There, I outline clean eating, give ideas for at-home exercise if you don’t have a gym membership, beginner tips on weight training and toning, etc. So check out the Frequently Asked Questions portion!